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Membership Classification

Current dues will cover membership through August 31st.

Doctoral Membership dues are $50.

All other membership categories dues are $25.

* Doctoral Membership:

   Individuals that possess an MD, DO, PhD, DDS/DMD, or other

       Doctoral degree in sleep disorders medicine.

     *Polysomnographic Membership:

          Individuals whose primary employment is in the 

           sleep technology profession.

* Student Membership:

             Individuals who are seeking a degree leading to participation 

           in sleep disorders medicine.

     *Affiliate Membership:

          Individuals with special training in the healthcare

           field, such as nurses and sleep center managers, who 

           are practicing or are interested in sleep medicine.


An application form can be found on the Documents Tab. 

Please print it out and send it to the address at the bottom of the form.

You can enclose a check or pay with PayPal now.

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